Did the video send out the wrong message?

Have you watched the video of Mothers and Maids going around the Internet?


The video has apparently received public backlash from netizens. Some say that the video is quite hurting towards mothers and targets mothers with maids.


Another said that the video sends out a wrong message which recognizes the value and worth of maids and disregards mothers who need to be away from their children to earn a living.

The video seems to portray that mothers do not know their children well enough.

If you ask me, I think the focus was really on the mothers’ lack of knowledge of their children, which however is quite sad.

But, the real message which unfortunately didn’t really come through, was that foreign domestic helpers should be given a weekly day off. It’s sad that such a message had been downplayed in such a video which has created more of a division of sorts than agreement.

So what do you think?





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