Free Amos Yee?

Should Amos Yee the teenage boy celebrated as the new voice of Freedom in Singapore have all charges against him dropped?

There are some who feel strongly for Amos Yee and his ideals, and many who think nothing of him other than an articulate teenager with a big mouth, lots of “balls” or a lack of brains.


Many feel that as a child he shouldn’t be tried as an adult, but his actions through the initial video that got him charged in the first place was taken upon by some with religious fervor enough to warrant him a trial as an adult. Amos has also breached court orders to stop posting in relation to the incident online which he failed to do and once again landed in court.


There are more than one petition sites to Free Amos that come with lengthy reasons that Amos doesn’t deserve the judgement he faces.

Here’s one site and an excerpt from on such site – “start to show some level of intellectual sophistication and compassion, instead of perpetually propagating punishment based on your narrow views of life. Everyone has made mistakes in life, as have I.”


My conclusion is that Amos is a teenager first off, and in that case should face punishment as a minor and one that reflects the severity of his actions. Letting him off scot-free shouldn’t be a consideration as every child should learn that there are consequences for your actions. However, just like those petitioning to free Amos Yee, the decision isn’t ours to make.


  1. I hope someone can answer this nagging question, which occurred to me as a I was watching a documentary on TV last night. Everyone knows, Amos is being charged for offending and distressing people. Before the documentary began, there was a disclaimer issued.
    ” The following contends scenes and language which might be distressing to some viewers,
    Viewer discretion is advised”
    So that effectively means you have choice no to watch. Would Amos be in trouble if he had made such a disclaimer. All those people who are offended or distressed, you had a choice not to watch and yet you did.Perhaps can some lawyer clear my doubt

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