Here’s why I think Amos Yee is being used.

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The following letter has been sent in by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

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The boy has been saying things look like it was scripted. He’s using material all produced only by one person. His behaviour looks no different from those of Chee Soon Juan, the issues he talks about is no different from those that the die-hard opposition parties have said ad-nauseum.

The words he used are verbatim from opposition propaganda.

The “statistics” he quoted are all from Roy Ngerng’s site.

And a 16 year old boy dares challenge a legal suit? Without financial or legal backing?


16 years is a young age, but it doesn’t mean that teenagers are stupid.

If he has indeed been used by characters with a political agenda, then I pity the boy. In fact, I pity those who have been used as pawns in an effort to raise the political capital of others, under the guise of “freedom of speech” and “liberation of Singaporeans”.

Of late, a handful of very young people have been pulling Chee antics. Not just young people, VERY young people. Han Hui Hui, Roy Ngerng and now Amos Yee. Trust me: they been recruited from the same source and trained by the same people.

With political activity heating up, I think it is important for all of us: young and old, to inoculate ourselves from toxic messages. We’re all intelligent people… and like Amos says, it doesn’t take more than a search on Google to get some answers.

We need to think, question and understand the issues of the day and arrive at good answers. We need to refute propaganda belt out by parties who have sights sent on power.







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2 thoughts on “Here’s why I think Amos Yee is being used.

  1. Open Letter To Roy Ngerng About Amos Yee


    Re: Amos Yee

    I like parts of what you wrote about Amos.

    I can’t help wondering if you should carry part of the responsibility for what became of him.

    From his video, it was not difficult to deduce that he trusted you and your misconstrued “facts and figures.”

    It is unfortunate that while there were many well-substantiated articles that disproved your presupposition, you refused to acknowledge and consider them.

    In a similar way, Amos chose to pursue the path of ignorance and apathy.

    You created problems for kids with special needs at Hong Lim Park and refused to own up to it in public.

    In a similar way, Amos committed an act that was unacceptable to civil society.

    However, he gave the impression that he has done no wrong. He was smiling into the camera on his way to court.

    You decided to use office hours to work on your anti-establishment campaign and lost your job partially because of it.

    In a similar way, Amos decided to stop his education.

    He seemed to believe that he could continue his education on the Net by learning from people like you.

    You went overseas to “rubbish” our country and put us in a bad light and obviously you believed that you were honorable and right in doing it.

    Just like you, Amos capitalized on a nation’s mourning period to drum up attention and brought disrepute to himself.

    Just like you today, this boy struggles with emotional and psychological issues.

    We can make this assumption by reading his blog.

    We don’t know what caused him to commit such a senseless act and put his life and future into jeopardy.

    As for you, we may have some clues.

    You have admitted that you suffered from an inferiority complex in the past.

    You believe that you have overcome it. I hope it’s true.

    I can’t help wondering how you know it’s true. More importantly, how do you know that you know it’s true?

    They tell me that one of the symptoms of an inferiority complex is having a sense of superiority. A desire to attract attention, be known, and have people affirming you.

    You became famous and popular for protesting under the banner , “Return Our CPF.”

    Many credible parties have voiced their caution about it and have spoken against it. The masses have generally heard of your message and they do not support you.

    There are good reasons for it but you will probably not want to evaluate them and review your sociopolitical position.

    You have “lots” of supporters, many of whom are anonymous and may have different reasons for “cheering” you on, including political reasons.

    In a similar way, I believe Amos still thinks that he is right.

    It can be assumed from the posting on his Facebook.

    In case you are wondering about my views about Amos, please go to my Facebook and read my posting about him.

    Like you, I’m appealing to my friends to sympathise with him, forgive him, and find a way to help him.

    I will not comment about Amos’s legal case as it’s in the hands of the law.

    Suffice to say, the outcomes of his action may affect his career, relationship, and other major areas of his life.

    In your case, it is likely that in the worst case scenario you will become a bankrupt. Over time, you may become another forgotten hero.

    You may hopefully become gainfully employed or spend more time helping your father at his hawker stall.

    Your father is aging and needs more love and attention from his son.

    I’m sure you’ll find ways to cope with life even if your inferiority complex should raise its ugly head again.

    Unlike you, Amos and his family may not have the knowledge, skills, and resources to cope with potential challenges ahead of him.

    I fear for him.

    These challenges will plague him quite possibly for a long time to come.

    Why am I writing to you?

    Because you will directly or indirectly be a model to and influence other “Amos Yee”s and produce more “Roy Ngerng” juniors.

    Will they become more like you?

    Will they be moral, responsible, and productive citizens?

    I don’t have the audacity to teach you to suck eggs except to ask you to think about what you have been thinking and reflect about what you have been reflecting.

    Please contemplate about what you have been contemplating to achieve as well as help others “achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.”

    I have written to you previously and before you got into trouble but you did not respond to me.

    If I don’t hear from you again, I would like to publish this letter publicly.

    Thank you for reading.

    patrick liew

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