Hollywood Clamping Down On Illegal Downloads In Singapore

If you’ve downloaded the Oscar-winning film Dallas Buyers Club you may be receiving a letter asking you to “pay up”.

The firm behind the award winning film about HIV in the 80s has taken legal action to pursue and send letters to persons that have downloaded the movie illegally asking for a written offer of damages and costs.


Singtel, Starhub and M1 the three local telcos have all been issued letters to provide information about their subscribers so as to identify people that have illegally downloaded the film. This after the firm had already gone after the public in USA and Australia.

Intellectual property and technology lawyer Han Wah Teng said illegal downloaders may have to pay the copyright owner up to $10,000 for statutory damages. A hefty fine for a film that smashed box office and won awards.
It probably is going to be a lot safer to stay off the torrents and pay the fee for a movie ticket from now on.

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