Is IKEA Taking The Too Straight Path?

Should IKEA be crucified for their support of Pastor Khong?

IKEA has come under fire for their support of Pastor Lawrence Khong’s performance in July. Pastor Khong has taken a religious viewpoint of the LGBT movement and like some other religious groups have taken a stand against their lifestyle.


The decision to support the outspoken pastor has not sat well with members of the LGBT community and supporters of it. The line is a thin and sensitive one with IKEA looking to come out of this PR nightmare without discrimination and in the best interests of everyone involved as stated on their Facebook page.


Updates on the issue are expected today according to IKEA and hopefully they make a decision that is favourable to all. It is unfortunate that a leading company that is seen as creative and outside thinkers would be associated with somewhat backward or stringent thinking. It is uplifting however to see that despite the legality of the LGBT community in Singapore there are many who would speak up for their ideals even if they aren’t part of their community.


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