One Bad Egg Shouldn’t Spoil The Bunch

With the recent video of some SCDF personnel destroying a bunk, the reputation of SCDF is probably taking a beating right now.

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It’s shameful to see uniformed personnel involved in childish and unruly behaviour, worst still if it came from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). The SCDF has always had a stigma of enlisting recruits that had poor discipline or being looked at as the “unwanted” ones. And in the recent video it’s easy to see why.

However the SCDF has worked hard over the years to turn that stereotype on it’s head. It grown to be a respected force with honourable hard working men and women who put their lives on the line on a daily basis to ensure the safety of all who live in Singapore. The training is strict and regimental, with top of the line facilities that ensure all recruits pass out with the confidence and training needed to do their job in the real world.


We’ve just deployed a troop of experienced rescuers to Kathmandu, Nepal in a bid to lend aid to the disaster relief effort. These Lion Hearted troopers are what the SCDF should have been reflected as. Unfortunately it is the silly and alarming behaviour that those boys caught in the video exhibited that will leave a mark.




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