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Free cone day is also every Singaporean Ben and Jerry’s fan favourite day. It’s commemorated every 14th of April to celebrate and give thanks for the support Ben and Jerry’s receives from their consumers.

So when local satirical blog SGAG put Ben and Jerry’s to the test, they weren’t playing around. In a highly hilarious exchange between SGAG and Ben and Jerry’s online, the two exchanged banter with SGAG calling Ben and Jerry’s out and the latter accepting their request to bring their own cone. IMG-20150414-WA0002

With SGAG being the satirical fellows that they are, you knew something big was about to happen, literally something big.


True to their word and kudos to all at Ben and Jerry’s they filled the cone with ice cream despite the ridiculous size that could probably have fit at least five pints of ice cream.


It’s free cone day, go big or go home I guess.

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