SMRT enters the telco race with OMG

SMRT has announced that they will be in partnership with OMG to enter as Singapore’s 4th telco provider.

OMG is a company incorporated by local tech firm Consistel solely for the purpose of applying for the telco license, originally announcing their intentions in October last year. OMG will be tapping onto SMRT’s strong media presence and commuter reach as leverage.


“OMGTEL believes SMRT will make a significant and strategic contribution to making OMGTEL a success in the years to come,” said OMGTEL chairman Masoud Bassiri in a statement on Wednesday.

Former Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo, former Commisioner of the Singapore Police Force Khoo Boon Hui and former deputy CEO of MDA Michael Yap have been brought on to the advisory board at OMGTEL.


OMG will face competition from MyRepublic for the coveted fourth telco spot. However with both companies coming in with close to no experience as a full internet service provider, the position looks to be leaning in no particular direction at the moment in time. However with OMG’s tie up with SMRT they may be able to provide better coverage underground.



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