Something sweet to start the day…

You’re probably about to watch the sweetest video clip ever…

This video produced by the Singapore Memory Project, irememberSG tells of a love story between a Singaporean man Tan Soo Ren and his wife, Raelene Tan, an Australian.

But their relationship came at a time when cross-racial relationships were frowned upon. But they persevered in love and today they are happily married for 46 years.

Get your tissue packs ready….


Some quotable quotes from the video that are saccharine sweet…

“He certainly didn’t say, “Shall we get a flat together?”… He put a ring on my finger and that was it.”

– Raelene Tan on how Soo Ren proposed.


“Impressive for you, but nerve-wrecking for me…but it was beautiful and lovely that they did that. The moment we set foot in your family home, we got married again.”

– Raelene on how Soo Ren’s parents set up a table for the Chinese Tea Ceremony.

“Even the two ladies, your mother and my mother,they sat with arms around each other. Not understanding anything but the expression on their faces which meant they understood everything…”

– On how Raelene’s parents visited Singapore and bonded with Soo Ren’s parents.


“By the time I asked everyone to eat, they had finished and left the table… I’m still sitting there and mother was just nodding very sagely…”

– On how she had to traditionally call on every family member to eat before her meal at the dining table.

“Even though most of them  provided suckling pig and fried rice, one managed to somehow find a log cake which was quite rare in those days. That was the only traditional item but to me, that was one of my best Christmases ever…”

– Raelene on how her mother-in-law arranged for a Christmas potluck for her to feel at home.

“We just help each other along and accept that life is good, even with challenges.”

– On how they live with each other despite the illness they suffer.


Raelene: “What’s your secret to this really good marriage?”

(After much cajoling)

Soo Ren: “I think having good children and grandchildren, and when we all get together. That makes a good family. Somehow.”





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