What you don’t know about Chan Chun Sing

There has been some concerns about how Minister Chan Chun Sing has been parachuted into the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) without much experience or expertise. Some ask whether he can do the job…

Well, let’s just say there’s really nothing much to worry about. In fact, the guy had accomplished much when he was the Minister of Social and Family Development, and from the looks of it, he will make a positive impact on the labour movement as well.

Since most of us know little about the man, here are 8 quotes which makes him known as the family man:


1.)  Ban on dating website, Ashley Madison

He came out strongly against the adultery website, Ashley Madison in a Facebook posting saying:

“I’m against any company or website that harms marriage. Promoting infidelity undermines trust and commitment between a husband and wife, which are core to marriage…”



2.) Coming from a single-parent family made him who he is

“My mother is a machine-operator. I do not stay with my father because my parents are divorced. I think my poor background has made me more determined to succeed.”


3.) He cares for his children like any other father

“I work and sleep later than before and is subjected to greater public scrutiny….I hope my children will have a normal childhood like the rest.”


4.) He cares a lot for his mother

When netizens alleged that he was related to the family of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, he responded by saying:

“I don’t have any close relatives with the surname Lee as far as I know. Please ask TR to stop insinuating / insulting my family, esp my mother’s hard work all these years. I think she deserves some respect regardless what one thinks of me.”


5.) He cares a lot for his family

“You always try not to be unfair to your own children, your family. They walk the journey with you, without them, it would be very difficult to walk that journey. And it’s not an easy journey.”

– Speaking on making adjustments to family life after joining politics.

Chan Chun Sing_2_0

6.) What you see is what you get

“There will always be people who judge you for all sorts of things… I’ve always been very informal with my people in the way I speak. Some say I neither sound like chief of army nor like minister…”

– On getting derisive comments about his speech.



7.) He leads a frugal life

“The (Casio) watch fulfils the purpose of telling time. Never needed anything more than that. When I was a ground commander, I would sometimes add a small plastic compass onto the strap, like many army folks.”



8.) He looks anxious enough to join the NTUC

“I’m humbled by this opportunity to serve the Labour Movement. Will certainly build on the foundation established. There is much to learn. I look forward to working closely with the tripartite partners to advance our cause to care for all workers.”

– Speaking at his introduction to the Labour Movement


Well actually, in army-lingo, the special forces always get ‘parachuted’ in to win battles.

So, what’s all these talk about ‘parachute’?






  1. He was my Commanding Officer during my NS days in 2 SIR. He was a good commander who lead by example and cares for his soldiers.

    1. Didn’t know there were so many poor single-parent children who managed to become top-scorers at the A-levels. I guess CCS really isn’t special.

  2. Good Morning.Mr.Chan
    Welcome on board to this Ntuc movements. Thank you for your sharing abt your background.I do hv the same bacground like u.My parents are separated when i was 11 years. I was single brought up by my dad.i work hard and done well to be a responsible adult and also serve the community. We are not much diffetence ftom others but we are determined to be better citizen, be a bettet parents to our children and filial to our parents.well done Mr.Chan.u hv done a good job.cheerior.

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