10 lies TRS USED to tell you…


Now that The Real Singapore has been taken down, the Internet feels more sterile. For many years, they have published lies to deceive netizens.

Here’s a list of 10 lies they told us:


1.) Incite hatred against foreigners

Their posts have always mentioned about foreign talents taking over jobs and homes of Singaporeans.


2.) Disrupt the peace in multi-religious Singapore

The high profile court case started when TRS wrote about the Little India Thaipusam incident where police allegedly confronted participants.


3.) Twists article title to smear MP’s name

TRS used a contentious line within an article to smear the name of the MP.


4.) Bikini Girls

Bikini girls sunbathing in Public Carpark were chased away by Carpark attendant.

5.) Man urinating in bus

A picture of a Chinese man urinating in a public bus was actually a picture taken in Hong Kong.


6.) Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) leaking

TRS alleged that sea-water above the MCE was leaking into the tunnel when it was actually just a leaking water pipe.

cpf building

7.)  PAP Government hid truth on CPF

TRS alleged that the government tried to hide the truth about CPF monies being invested in Temasek.


8.) Singapore regressed because of Lim Swee Say

It was alleged that Singapore has regressed because of the policies that Minister Lim had introduced while in NTUC.

Chan Chun Sing

9.) Minister Chan Chun Sing doesn’t want to define a poverty line

TRS said that Minister Chan did not have the attributes of a good union leader because he didn’t want to define a poverty line.


10.) Government only gives assistance to those who vote for PAP

TRS had alleged that the government only provides assistance to those who vote for the PAP at the General Elections.






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