Migrant Workers | 3 Hours for $10,000

Migrant Workers | No, this article is not about earning $10,000 for 3 hours of work. This article is not so much about money, but about honesty and empathy.


(Source: Shin Min Daily News)

Construction worker Cui Hua Bi almost lost an envelope containing up to five months of his salary which was supposed to be remitted back to his hometown of Anhui, China to support his family at a playground in Punggol Central. He was talking on his phone and lying on a bench before leaving his wallet and envelope behind accidentally.

Thankfully, a nearby resident, Mr Sean Lee found Cui’s wallet and envelope and waited close to three hours outside his flat before a frantic Cui came back to look for his belongings.

According to the media, Mr Cui bought fruits for Lee as a gesture of appreciation. He told Shin Min newspaper that he had so much to say but didn’t know how to express how grateful he was.


Our migrant workers come from distant shores to make a living. To lose even a month’s salary by accident or misfortune can really be distressing to them, what more five months’ worth of it.

Fortunately Mr Lee was responsible and honest enough to keep a lookout for Cui. He could have taken the money and kept mum about it. But he did not. Instead, he waited patiently for three hours for Mr Cui’s return.

And in gratitude, Cui bought fruits to show his appreciation. It may be a small token, but you could almost feel the deep sense of gratitude from the man who almost lost a large sum of money that he had saved for five months.

What would you have done if you found the yellow envelope containing $10,000?





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