Ads against employer harassment


There are certain employer behaviours that should not be tolerated, yet day in, day out I hear of friends who subject themselves to abuse by their bosses. This campaign was reportedly produced by a Brazillian agency, but the issues it raises are very much a reality in Singapore also.

Have a read at this and know what’s wrong and speak up against this type of behaviour.


1.) Is your boss isolating you?

Do you think that your boss is not involving you in projects and meetings? Is this his way of telling you that you’re no longer needed and want you to leave? Well, if they want you to leave, they should tell you – and make good the severance pay.



2.) Does your boss treat you like “monkeys” and “donkeys”?

They may or may not actually say it, but demonstrate it in their actions. Do they act like you’re so dumb and show it in the course of work?



3.) Does your boss or supervisor limiting your potential?

Do they restrain the opportunities to improve yourself? Or worse, do they make you feel small, stupid and unimportant?



4.) Are you being threatened? 

Threats of termination, frozen promotion, over-time work and constantly reminding you that “there are many people hungry for your job” are all threats and should not be tolerated.







  1. Basically there is nothing we can do if being isolated when one comes to age.
    1. Senior managers will look after their interest and support each other even if one feel it is not right.
    2. HR Dept. today is no longer like yester years. They will just follow what is recommended by Management.
    3. Out front the company show they will follow the recommendation for extending retirement age to 65 but in reality they will replace all by paying 2 to 3 months salary .
    4. Why retire them early and employ so many younger staffs.
    Most company are good to work in. Unfortunately it is always ruin by the Seniors Management.

  2. I think this is a very good topic and read – went thru this couple months back – the isolation and removal from mtgs and discussions – the boss was a singaporean lady but at that time didn’t know this was considered abuse – good to know but if the HR dept doesn’t do anything because of fear – who else can we turn to?

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