Amos Yee is Remorseful

Amos Yee trolled local media with his Facebook post, declared it proudly and also made a defamatory statement against his former bailor and family and youth counsellor Vincent Law.


In his statement, he told journalists that he would give them the opportunity for an interview if they were to catch up with him as he leaves Pasir Panjang MRT. The rouse worked and journalists doing their jobs showed up to possibly get his views on the entire fiasco surrounding his failure to comply with the rules of his bail term and his recent hearings.

Aside from that, Amos alleged that Vincent Law whom had made Amos’s second bail of $20,000 had molested him. Some people have celebrated the fact that Amos Yee managed to outsmart the mainstream media, when in fact all he did was make irresponsible claims and accusations against a man who stuck his neck out for him.


In a recent post on Facebook, Amos claimed that he is extremely remorseful for his allegations. Amos said he is “currently tendering a long, and detailed public apology to Vincent and his family, for my horrid actions”, and that he needs three days to finish preparing it.

“I am extremely remorseful for the turmoil that I have caused to Vincent and his family, for the allegations towards him that he molested me,” he said.

“I am currently tendering a long, and detailed public apology to Vincent and his family, for my horrid actions. And I implore him to give me about 3 days to finish preparing it, I am a slow writer…”

The 16 year old boy, dubbed by some un-mainstream media as “Singapore’s Bravest Boy” even brought the religion he threw under the bus in his plea for forgiveness, “I understand that Vincent is a Christian and preaches the tenant of forgiveness. So praise Jesus, our holy Christ, please offer me, a second chance.”

Is Amos trolling everyone once again?
In all honesty, Amos is an eloquent and articulate teenager, but for all his eloquence and grasp of the language he is not an intelligent young man.

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