China Wine Converted A Lister

Sun Ho and City Harvest Church are back on trial and Miss Ho, wife of Pastor Kong has denied almost all knowledge of anything that goes on in the funding of her album.


She knows nothing about the album sales figures for her Mandarin album that hit the Asian markets, neither is she aware of how her American produced album was bankrolled. She does know that her music has touched the hearts and led to the eternal salvation of celebrities such as Jay Chou, Will Liu Genghong, Rachel Liang Wen Yin and two members from the band F.I.R.


Her husband and five other members from the church are accused of misappropriating and funneling funds to be used for the upgrade of the Church’s building towards the production of the album, which was supposed to convert millions through secular music, with excruciating single China Wine leading the foray.


Sun Ho’s album hasn’t launched despite her recording 50 songs for it, and $20 million of Church building funds going into the production. The production was led by Wyclef Jean from the Black Eyed Peas and according to Sun Ho was supposed to reach the stellar and dreamy heights of multimillions in sales and revenue. It is unsure how much China Wine she was drinking.


Sun Ho has denied knowledge of anything including the blog post made by her husband Kong in which he stated that four million copies of her Mandarin album were sold. The court asked how she could believe such figures when her managing company Xtron Productions showed far fewer numbers.


Sun Ho still strongly believes that her work and music is led by her faith in God and that her album has the ability to reach out and bring their package of Christ into the hearts of millions in America and Asia. Despite her unwavering faith, former members of the church Sun Yu Peng and her husband have their doubts. After taking to the stand, Sun Yu Peng a businesswoman told the court how she and her husband had invested $350,000 in Xtron bonds after promises of receiving a four per cent payout after 1 – 2 years.

The couple has not seen a single cent from their investment and have only been told to trust in the leaders of the church. Their faith in the leaders however, hit a peak in 2012 and they soon left after hearing only negative things about Sun Ho and her lavish expenses.


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