Five things the High-Speed Rail will take away

The Prime Ministers of Singapore and Malaysia last week announced that the location of the Singapore-KL high-speed rail (HSR) link terminus will be at the current Jurong Country Club. While it may be a joy for travelers who frequent the capital city of Malaysia, the building of the rail link will take away some things. Here are five things that the building of the HSR will take away:


1.) Green spaces

The land on which the rail link, track and terminus will be built will have to go when the construction of the track and terminus starts. The nearby Chinese and Japanese Gardens will be merged to form the Jurong Lake Gardens.  This means a possible reduction of green space for residents and park users to enjoy.


2.) Country Club

The Jurong Country Club will close by November 2016 to make way for the new development which will consist of hotels, offices and residences apart from the HSR terminus.

This means that club members will no longer be able to use the club for golf and other recreational activities.  But they won’t have to fear, there are at least two other clubs in the western part of Singapore where they can go to, Raffles Country Club and Warren Golf and Country Club.


3.) Loss of Income

This group of people would probably be the hardest hit as they face an impending loss of jobs.

The 113 Club employees, some of whom have been working for close to 20 years . Thankfully, the club is unionized under the Attractions, Resorts & Entertainment Union (AREU).  The union has been in talks with the club to ensure that its employees receive a fair compensation package. The workers will also be put through processes to redeploy them to other jobs with the help of the Devan Nair Employment and Employability Institute.


4.) The laid-back town

The HSR will add to the redevelopment of Jurong which is still a laid-back town today. This means that residents living close to the redeveloped area will one day find themselves living in a highly-developed region which the government has tipped as the new business district.

Besides the HSR, a mixed-use project will be built, consisting of office, retail and residential space.


5.) Loss of time

Ok, well, this might not actually be a loss, but on the brighter side, the time taken to travel from Singapore to KL will be cut to just 90 minutes. This means that Singaporeans can go over to KL for some lip-smacking hawker food and come back in just under 5 hours. In fact, this was suggested by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during the press conference where he announced the location of the HSR terminus on 5 May 2015.






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