“Specialist Career Tracks” for Police Officers


HR people everywhere – here’s something you might want to take note of: this country is certainly seeing some change in the way careers are being re-designed and re-calibrated. Take the SPF’s latest announcement for example.

Police officers seeking to build deep specialist expertise will soon be able to do so as the Singapore Police Force (SPF) is looking to develop “specialist career tracks” in domains such as investigations, intelligence and special operations.

Besides investing in good technological equipment, the performance of the Home Team is competency-based and depends greatly on the commitment of its officers to sharpen their skills and knowledge to better carry out tasks.

For this reason, the Home Team’s work has to be people-centered, with a strong focus on continual learning and upgrading of its officers. The Singapore Police Force (SPF) is thus looking to develop “specialist career tracks” in fields such as investigations, intelligence and special operations.

Training courses will be conducted to develop officers’ skills in specific areas directly relevant to their jobs. In addition, programmes are planned to prepare officers for leadership roles and management of responsibilities. These will ensure that officers are better equipped to tackle future obstacles.

The Home Team also funds its officers for both local and overseas diploma and degree programmes, in the area of police studies, for example. All these efforts enable promotion based on expertise, thereby giving opportunities for career progression.






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