5 Reasons Why You Have To Visit The Ramadan Bazaar


What’s there not to love about a flea market? Correction: A GIANT flea market. That’s exactly what the Ramadan Bazaar is.

If you’ve been to the bazaar in the previous years, you’d know that the exciting atmosphere coupled with the striking decorations make it an annual event not to be missed.

Here are 5 reasons why the Ramadan Bazaar is a must-go this month.

  1. Food, glorious food

Cheesy Roti John, Octopus Takoyaki, BBQ Chicken Wings and Coconut Ice Cream. Need I say more?

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  1. Sweet Treats – Cookie

It is common practice for the Malay/Muslims to offer sweet treats when people visit their homes during Hari Raya. Therefore you’d see a number of booths selling an assortment of lip-smackingly delicious cookies. But even if you don’t celebrate Hari Raya, these cookies are made available only once a year, and you have to try them. (While not entirely healthy, this can be your guilty pleasure this month!

Traditional Malay cookies would include Kuih Makmur, Kuih Tart (Pineapple tart) and Kuih Bangkit.

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‘Modern’ cookies would include the all-time favourite Chocolate Chip cookies, Cheese Cashew Nut cookies and Honey Cornflakes. If you’re not up for buying a whole big container of cookies for yourself, fret not. They sell them in smaller containers too.


  1. Henna

With under $12, you can tryout some of the beautiful henna designs for yourself. Traditionally, henna is donned during festive seasons to beautify the hands. Nowadays, however, you can request for any pattern of your choice to be drawn on your shoulder, your forearm, the nape of your neck … you name it!


  1. Clothes

If you need beautiful ethnic costumes, the bazaar is definitely the place to go. Traditional Malay costumes, like the Baju Kurung and Kebaya are aplenty. Additionally, you can choose to get yourself an Arabic Kaftan or an Indian Lengha. Even if you don’t celebrate Hari Raya, the chances of you getting invited to a celebration is pretty high. So, join in the fun and put on your best suit!


  1. Lights and Atmosphere

Living in Singapore, you get to immerse yourself in different cultures and truly understand the meaning of each celebration. In these two months, we get to experience Ramadan and Hari Raya. The street along Geylang Serai is adorned with intricate lighted decorations to fill the atmosphere with joy and splendor.


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