A Singapore that is free to love


The annual Pink Dot SG event took place last Saturday for the 7th consecutive year, seeing a record of 28,000 people at Hong Lim Park.


Celebrities like Patricia Mok, Daren Tan, as well as popular YouTube duo Munah Bagharib and Hirzi Zuklifie were the ambassadors for this year’s rally. In a media release, Pink Dot SG invited PM Lee to the event. (But in what seemed like a tactful declination, our PM declared that he will be on leave from 13 to 21 June to spend time with his family in Japan.)

Will conservative Singaporeans really be more receptive with such propagations of the LGBT movement? I don’t think so… I’m doubtful that the minds of the once quiet conservatives can be changed.


The increase in turnouts over the years might be that those who are already receptive showing more support and the silent supporters getting louder for the cause.

The conservatives will oppose even more by garnering the like-minded to protest against such movements for fear of people simply jumping into the bandwagon; look no further than the Wear White campaign in 2014 and 2015.


By advocating and showing the growing force of the LGBT movement will not help, but further threaten the ex-gay communities. The increased friction will only worsen the footing of LGBTs in society – especially at the workplace.

The movement started out in support of inclusiveness, diversity and freedom to love for the LGBT community in Singapore; however, this effort might backfire and result in greater discourse. After all, both camps have different definitions of ‘love’.

It is of my sentiment that the LGBTs are free to love who they want to love, and life goes on… Unless matters get aggressive and ugly. What ex-gay communities do not want is for the gay pride to be proclaimed to the extent of influencing the young and impressionable. This is particularly so for those who believe homosexuality is nurtured and against the law of nature.

Although many articles have been written to discuss the ‘nature versus nurture’ issue, we still can’t be sure whether homosexuality is nature or nurture (It could be both). Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.

Fundamentally, what would help is relooking into sexual and moral education in schools and at home. Instead of telling an eleven-year-old whether homosexuality is right or wrong and what he should feel or should not feel, a neutral view on homosexuality should be given.

This allows for greater understanding of sexuality at a younger age, and some of them will not feel castaway by their peers or pressured to think they are abnormal as they grow up. Those who wish to seek help should also be guided early.

In addition, more can be done to regulate workplace discrimination. A LGBT worker should not be laid off from work just because his/her sexual orientation got revealed. Not discriminating another human being is a basic moral even the #whitecamp has to understand. You may not necessarily accept them for who they are, that doesn’t entitle you to look down on them or express distaste.

If Singapore is truly a secular state as our government claims, it should help these people integrate into our society, especially the transgenders who are in more complex situations due to their physical appearances.

I’m not saying that the LGBTs should be ashamed of themselves. It is just that the support they are trying to get may be perceived as cult-like to the religious. They may end up shooting themselves in the foot with their blunt proclamations.

When a man is having a bad day, won’t you think he can only get angrier if you were to shout at him? (We do ask that the man be more forgiving, of course.)

Only with understanding of the LGBT starting from our early education, then can we have a Singapore that is truly free to love. And on top of that, a workplace that is inclusive for all.

The oppression of ideals from both the pink and white camps on each other serves no purpose at all.



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