ComfortDelGro Steps Up In The Age Of Uber

Take a taxi in Singapore these days and you’ll probably come across at least one disgruntled cabbie bring up Uber.

In the age of technology, start ups, innovation and what nots, it’s become apparent that most daily services can and will one day be replaced. The realisation that most Singaporeans have turned to an app to seek quick reliable transport instead of waiting along the side of a road flagging aimlessly has hit cabbies pretty badly.


With that, ComfortDelGro has introduced a brand new advanced mobile data terminal for their taxis. These terminals are said to be able to serve more bookings from commuters at a quicker rate and would help to ensure better income for their cabbies.

The new terminal – X-One mobile data terminal connects and dispatches the bookings to cabs wirelessly and also acts as a built-in taxi meter. Thus being able to compute fares for the acceptance of cashless payments. Hopefully doing away with the hassle of flagging a cab and always having to ask the driver “you got accept nets or not?”.


A main draw to Uber patrons are the cashless payments and the quick exit you can make from the vehicle, which comes in particularly handy if you’re going to alight along a busy street. Uber has other pros that trumps local cabs, and they have their cons – from creepy drivers to the unfamiliar and inexperienced drivers that are unfamiliar with any other roads that aren’t in the central Singapore or their neighbourhood.


ComfortDelGro released a statement saying that more than 6,000 of these devices will be installed in taxis over the next nine months. Hopefully helping provide a welcome diversity to commuters everywhere, at the same time helping cab drivers stay relevant and abreast with their competition in this digital age.

The first batch of X-One mobile data terminals have already been installed in 100 cabs since April, with a second batch of 1,900 units to be installed by August.

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