Guard Your Singpass

Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has informed Singpass has issued a warning to users, warning them of a phishing scam making its way around.

Several Singpass users have received an email titled “SingPass account security info verification” from “SingPass Government [[email protected]]”. The email would also tell users that their Singpass pins have been suspended and prompting them to click a link to confirm their email.


IDA are urging users not to click on the link with a recent statement – “Please note that this is a phishing email, which is NOT sent by SingPass. Should you receive this email, do not click on the link, simply delete it and contact SingPass at [email protected],”


Phishing is criminal attempt where a hacker or a cybercriminal would attempt to get you to divulge personal information such as your passwords, pins, personal information and credit card details.

So remember not to click anything if you’re not sure what it is, and to keep your personal information to yourself.

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