Quokka or Koala?


Have you met our 4 furry guests at the Singapore Zoo?

Paddle, Pellita, Chan and Idalia are on loan to Singapore for 6 months – in celebration of SG50 and to commemorate Australia’s 50 years of diplomatic ties with Singapore. Once the zoo is able to support these koalas, the gift will be made permanent.

While our Republic is swooning over these adorable creatures, the Down Under has a new social media sensation: THE QUOKKA.


The defeat is clear. 4,820 votes for quokka and 2,604 votes for koala.


Why, just check out its cheeky smiles! You’d definitely love a selfie with it. #quokkaselfie


The quokka is described as the happiest animal in the world.

Like the koala, it is a herbivorous marsupial that can climb trees. It is also a cat-sized version of a kangaroo, with a long tail, coat of brown fur and pouch for its baby.

So… My fellow Singaporeans, quokka or koala?








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