S$500 SG50 bonus, you jelly?

82,000 civil servants to get S$500 SG50 bonus” – the news only came out yesterday and you all got stunned like vegetable. All the jealous people in the private sector have been ridiculously bashing the government non-stop.

Some call it a stunt because ‘General Election is coming.’ Seriously? That’s quite a joke.



Come on, you think S$500 enough to bribe us to change our voting decisions? (Also not S$50,000, lol.)

Do you all know that the government is actually the biggest employer in Singapore? And what is wrong with it giving bonuses to its employees? If you say the money came from taxes, don’t civil servants pay taxes too?

Actually if you think about it, with the money the civil servants get, they will eventually spend more. This money will also go back to the economy to help your businesses.

Do you know DBS is giving S$1,000 to each employee to celebrate SG50?

Maybe it’s just that your company isn’t as generous; don’t jealous ok? If you really want, you can join the civil service. ;) Hopefully this will put more peer pressure on your companies to up their game with SG50 bonuses for you too.

And for the NSmen who are trying to be funny:

im sorry


You are not under the ‘civil service’. But I’m sure if the government gives all of you S$500, even more jealous people without Singaporean sons will come out to scold you. Sigh; give cannot, don’t give also cannot, what to do?

I was quite happy to read the news but after I saw all the comments, I became very angst! Don’t say you are not jealous, because you are.



Nope. I’m really, really, not.


Other people’s bonus also not your business, just chill lah.

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