SDP: Farce again…

This is an advertisement for the Singapore Democratic Party’s post on their website to invite readers to their exhibition and panel discussion to mark their 35th Anniversary.



(Picture taken from SDP’s website)

 And oh my…this made me laugh…

So who are the civil society leaders that they’re talking about? And how have they contributed?

The panel discussion had panelists like blogger Alex Au, SDP secretary general Dr Chee Soon Juan and activist Jolovan Wham.

Three points were brought up during the panel discussion:

  1. Cost of Living
  2. CPF Minimum Sum
  3. Growing Population.

Chee mentioned that the cost of living has gotten worse through the years. Yes, over the years, things have gotten more expensive. But, so has the incomes of our workers. In 2014, real median income grew by 11% over the recent five years, after adjusting for inflation. Income for low-wage earners also grew by 8.1% over the past five years after adjusting for inflation.

Sustained increase in income

Again, he can go on talking about the cost of living, but I’m sure he didn’t mention about the increase in the median income right?

cpf building

CPF Minimum Sum

The other topic raised at the discussion was of the CPF Minimum Sum. In the panel discussion, Dr Chee said that without an opposition, the People’s Action Party “will be having a free rein in raising the Minimum Sum”.

Oh, by the way, the Minimum Sum has been renamed as the Retirement Sum.

The Retirement Sum (which has been split into three amounts: Basic, Full, and Enhanced) is supposed to be just enough to help a retiree live comfortably when he or she retires.

Why does Chee and the rest of the naysayers always bring up the issue of the CPF retirement sum? Isn’t it a reliable scheme to assure retirement adequacy for workers who have worked a large part of their lives?


Growing Population

Another issue that was brought up was the growing population in Singapore. According to news reports, Dr Chee said it was important to assess if Singapore had adequate infrastructure. However, is Chee aware that Singapore’s population grew at its slowest pace in the one year to June 2014 as a result of the slowdown of inflow of foreign workers?

Even the growth of non-resident population, which is made up of mostly foreign workers, has slowed down from 4% in 2013 to 2.9% in 2014.

If his point was about the influx of foreign workers, then perhaps he should take a look at this article which specifically quoted Minister for Manpower on the tight foreign labour policies that will remain.

I guess he needs to look around to see whether his points are still relevant today.








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