The MRT Mascots We Actually Recognise

We all know Stand-up Stacey and her posse of like-minded, thoughtful friends, Move-in Martin, Hush-hush Hannah, Bag-down Benny, Give-way Glenda.


Meet the true mascots from our daily commute – We all know these lesser-mentioned individuals – in fact, we may unknowingly adopt pieces of themselves in our daily commuting lives.

Here are 8 other friends that we’ve identified and felt should be raised to greater attention:

1. mrt1

She always has her eyes tightly shut, especially so if she has a seat. No one can ever tell if Sheila has drifted off to dreamland, or if she simply just wants to rest her eyes. Perhaps she does not want to acknowledge any possible entrances of people whom she may have to give up her seat to. Which is the reason why Stand-up Stacey cannot stand her (pun unintended). Either way, Sheila can sometimes sleep so soundly that her head would often loll around and hang just inches away from resting on your shoulder. But strangely, she is also always alert enough to not miss her stop.

2. mrt2

For Stanley, the MRT journey home from school is precious time that should not be wasted. The MRT isn’t bumpy or jerky as a bus or car ride, therefore he is certain he wouldn’t get motion sickness from reading. Stanley rejoices whenever he gets a seat, because then he can get REAL REVISION done, taking out his stationery and all. When he’s standing, he maximizes his time by reading his already-done study notes. Stanley’s one sure to cause mothers whispering to their young children, “You must study hard like this korkor!”.

3. mrt3

The MRT carriage’s unofficial deejay of many unwilling listeners. No one subscribed to this, but Joe’s willingly (and sometimes unknowingly) sharing his music for all to enjoy. Often raising eyebrows and earning disapproving looks from strangers, he is blissfully oblivious to all of it. He’s aware of how cranking up the volume may very well damage his hearing in the long run, but what to do? Music loud then got feel, mah!

4. mrt_0

It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing heels or flats – the moment the train moves, Wendy makes a wild grab for the nearest pole or handle. Often crashing into others or – heaven forbid – stepping on miscellaneous toes when she loses her balance, she is one of the people on the train we don’t have patience for, especially during peak hours. We believe Wendy just either has really bad sense of balance, or she’s just having a rockin’ good ride. We hope it’s the latter.

5. mrt5

Because MRT signs warn us not to lean against the door, Pauline goes to lean against the very invitingly cooling metal pole instead. Not only can she effectively maintain her balance, she can also now text away with both hands at the same time. Some people call her selfish, others call her inconsiderate. But Pauline is often unaware of the fact that her leaning against the pole is actually preventing her fellow height-challenged passengers from holding it. And maybe it’s because of Pauline that Wobble-over Wendy (see no. 4) is always losing her balance.

6. mrt6

Singapore’s humid weather calls for a myriad of offensive smells every time you step into the MRT. Especially during the evening peak hour rush. Being tightly packed into the train with sweaty and tired people like Ollie who’s been through a rough day in the sizzling heat, it’s a whole new experience by itself. Not only is Ollie is the sweaty one with terrible B.O., he is also guilty of releasing deadly silent fart bombs that he knows he can get away with because of the packed situation in the train. Now, that’s one badass way to jolt his fellow passengers to their senses!

7. mrt7

Always using his phone in the train, but Steven’s eyes are darting inconspicuously around the train carriage. He is constantly on the lookout for anyone who does anything stupid on the MRT – be it failing to give up your seat to the needy, or sneaking a tiny Tic-Tac into your mouth – he’s ever-ready to capture it and… STOMP it.

8. mrt8

She’s not the type of person that Give-way Glenda hates – Queenie does not push her way in and fail to queue up. Rather, she is one to enjoy the thrill of making last minute sprints into the train just after the “train doors are closing” announcement. Right before the doors shut, she barely makes it by a hair’s breadth – making everyone’s hearts skip a beat or two. One of these days she confirm kena kiap by the doors one.




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