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TheRealSingapore is history – make no bones about that. And its demise shares with us a little about responsible content making.

The Media Development Authority said the site fabricates articles, publishes false news and opinions and doctors articles. It is very clear what the MDA means – that the editors of TRS made “news” where none existed, regularly cooked up fictional articles and passed them as as the truth and copies entire articles from other writers/bloggers/sites and passes it off as their own.

It has taken far too long for the regulating authority to step in and do something about the site. And they have only done so after the the editors published seditious articles.

Allowing TRS to continue is a slap to the face of freedom of speech. The fundamental basis of this human right, is that people are free to criticise and make hard civil opinions. What TRS had done was hide behind the cloak of this freedom and abused it to as far as regulators can tolerate. They are free to speak, but they are not free to say things that amount to a tortious and criminal act.

It is especially unwelcome that these tortious and criminal acts are done as enterprise to make themselves wealthy… at the expense of the Singaporean community.

It makes me especially furious that these editors line their own pockets under the guise of “fighting for Singaporean rights”. Have these children no shame nor conscious?

The Brisbane student Ai Takahi, 22 and her Singaporean partner Yang Kaiheng, 26 may now face the potential of going to jail.

“”I have always acknowledged that there was always such a risk in being involved in a website such as The Real Singapore,” quotes Ai Takagi.

So this is all it is to her – a business risk.

The girl claims that “The vast majority of articles on The Real Singapore are opinions and complaints from ordinary Singaporeans mainly to do with problematic government policies and how such policies have impacted their daily lives”, but that is hogwash.

With the relaxation of media rules and with the government taking on a more liberal stance to policies, every marketing body knows that the fastest way to get eyeballs is to say things that are critical and edgy. All that the TRS is doing is banking on the wave and capitalising on the opportunity.

By saying that our media is “heavily censored” and citing Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index is equally hogwash. There are plentiful of critical magazines, sites and opposition controlled media both on print and on the internet – the Media Development Authority generally leaves them alone.

We face censorship? What rubbish?! The Online Citizen, the Temasek Review, Roy Ngerng, Han Hui Hui and of late Amos Yee are all completely free to criticise all that they want and publish all the childish content to their hearts content.

However, the minute you cross the line of tort and crime – you have to be prepared to face the consequences. Criticising government policies is not a crime and this magazine regularly voices its own opinion also.

Takagi was quoted on “The Guardian” that the website she developed with Kaiheng was meeting an untapped demand for everyday people in Singapore to vent their “opinions and frustrations” outside a mainstream media that was “heavily censored by the government”.

There we have it. Two entrepreunal youngsters capitalising off the feelings of Singaporeans and making fools out of our people, all just to profit and enrich their own wallets. They have made enough to buy a piece of property in Australia.

I hope they get sent to prison for a very long time.



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