Woman screams at man for taking pictures of her supercar

(Story submitted by James Chan)

The following was shared widely on Facebook:

“Just had this BIZARRE experience— I was walking to my car in the carpark of Paragon when i saw this very cool Mercedes AMG with gull-wing doors. I took my phone out and snapped a photo of it.

Just then the owner, a lady, comes up and starts SCREAMING at me for taking photos, saying “I didn’t give you permission! Stop! I’m calling the police!”

I was so shocked and asked her what the problem was, and that I took the photo because she had a very nice car. She continued to shout and said she would call the police, at which point I said, ‘Fine call the police” and she takes out her phone and starts taking my photo. I just stood there and smiled at her as she snapped photos.

Then when I walked back to my car, parked nearby, she screamed, “Your cheapskate car! You are so cheapskate!” As I got into the car she ran in front of it and snapped photos, saying “See your cheapskate car! Get lost! Cheapskate!” 

And yes, she was a local.”


The most ironic thing about it all? She doesn’t know that the owner of the “cheapskate car” is the publisher of Singapore Tatler. So this story (and all the ugly comments that follow it) is going to come around her circles pretty soon.

She wasn’t anywhere near the car so there was no way the photographer could have asked for permission.

A quick read through some of the comments showed that some others have photographed the same car, on the same day before the incident! lol…





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