Auditor-General lashes out at multiple organizations: People’s Association (PA), Gardens By The Bay, Singapore Polytechnic and the ITE amongst others

auditor general

Auditing is to give assurance to the President and Parliament that there is proper accounting, management and use of public resources.

With one fell sweep, the latest Auditor-General’s report rebukes lapses found in several organizations.

Lapses were found in the relationships between Singapore Polytechnic and the ITE for transactions with related parties “were not carried out at arm’s length”.

Jurong Town Council’s development of the International Cruise Terminal and two overseas National Population and Talent Division events were also flagged for laxity in control over contract variations.

The Institute of Technical Education (ITE), People’s Association (PA) and National Environment Agency (NEA) were all highlighted in the Auditor-General’s Report for lapses in the tendering and management of revenue contracts.

The People’s Association was flagged for various lapses in the Auditor-General’s Report, released on Wednesday (Jul 15), including lapses in management of tenancy contracts in Community Club/Centre Management Committees (CCMCs) and procurement lapses.

In the full report submitted by Auditor-General Willie Tan to President Tony Tan Keng Yam on Jul 1, four areas were highlighted for public sector entities to pay greater attention to:

  • Administration of grants
  • Tendering and management of revenue contracts
  • Management of contract variations
  • Related party transactions



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