Bread Street Kitchen SG; fab or fad?

Chef Gordon Ramsay in his new Bread Street Kitchen at Marina Bay Sands, a two-storey, 149-seat restaurant that serves Cool Britannia food.

The latest addition to Marina Bay Sands’ list of celebrity chef restaurants: Bread Street Kitchen Singapore by Gordan Ramsay.

Gordan Ramsay’s first Singapore restaurant opened its doors on 19 June 2015 in The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Although the two-storey space boasts 149 seats, business has been so great that reservations have to be made a few days prior to the actual dining experience.

But we all remember the eponymous restaurant by French Michelin-starred chef Guy Savoy. It opened in May 2010 to many enthused fans – only to meet its demise in February 2014. Will Gordon Ramsay’s BSK trail down the same path?

We can’t say for sure since BSK’s positioning is at a lower price point and more relaxed, with Ramsay calling it ‘about fun, tapping into the culture’ and ‘family-oriented’.


“As my first restaurant in Singapore, it’s not going to be serious expensive, and clearly it’s not going to be cheap, but it is going to good value for money.”

A friend and I decided to check out the restaurant. The earliest time we could get a table for our weekday dinner was at 8.30 pm.

Our empty stomachs definitely heightened our anticipation for the food; though admittedly BSK is no Michelin-star restaurant (Well, not yet). But after all, the bar is set with Ramsay’s name pegged to it.

While killing the wait, we browsed the menu on our phones so we could order right after we settling down inside.


What we ordered – 

Chips ($12)

BSK short rib beef burger, Monterey Jack cheese, spicy sriracha mayo ($26)

Shepherd’s pie with braised lamb, onions, carrots, potato purée, and brioche garlic crumbs ($38)

(We thought we had to pay for the tap water, but were pleasantly surprised; even the bread basket and butter came complimentary. The above prices are before tax.)

And yes, there’s always room for desserts –

Monkey Shoulder Cranachan cheesecake with roasted balsamic strawberries ($18)


I must confess that the term ‘Monkey Shoulder’ got us rather bemused.

Here’s what we asked our beaming waiter (who proudly introduced himself as Jonathan): Why Monkey Shoulder? Note that my friend and I aren’t into alcohol, and our knowledge is perhaps limited to some common ales, cocktails and spirits.

‘Oh, it’s the brand of whisky used in the cheesecake!’ No wonder there were notes of alcohol which I thought was rum. If I were to name the best thing I ate there, the non-bake cheesecake would be it. I can’t say the same if there’s any element of a real monkey shoulder inside though… (Lol.)


Jonathan then told us how lucky we were to have snagged the last cheesecake available. He also took time to introduce a few other popular desserts: the Chocolate Fondant, and the Treacle Tart (Which came to be his personal favourite). The friendly staff really knows his stuff.

And we couldn’t resist the curious question: Is Ramsay still in town? ‘Hahaha, he’s gone now; if you’re waiting for him to appear tonight, you might want to head home already!’

The service at BSK was great to me. The food’s good but not very fantastic i.e. not something I would die-die-return-for even if I had all the money in the world. (In case you’re wondering, our bill came up to about $110.) However, it would be too premature of me to give a verdict since we only tried a few dishes.

Would you fancy your Chili crab in this casual concept restaurant? Ramsay has plans to integrate local flavours into the menu. I’m gonna do a Chili crab here in Bread Street Kitchen.‘ 


In 2013, Ramsay took up the Hawker Heroes challenge by SingTel. Our #hawkerheroes won, of course. I think he hasn’t forgotten the Chili crab since.


Ramsay sure likes pressure… Like what the interviewer Annalisa Burgos had it, I’m unsure if he’s ready to be crucified for attempting the Chili crab.

I would much prefer our true blue hawker fare, but would also try Ramsay’s creation you know, like, just once for the sake of it. For now, only time will tell if BSK Singapore is fab or fad. Netizens, keep em’ reviews coming!



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