Desmond Choo’s latest photos will make you go ‘Awww!’

When you think of babies, you think of mommies. But bucking the trend here is NTUC Youth Development Unit’s Desmond Choo distributing New Dad’s “Survival Kit” to fathers of newborn children at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital earlier today.

300 kits are put together by NTUC U Family in a bid to encourage shared parenting and help fathers ease into their new roles.


“Designed to provide necessary aid and motivation for new fathers, the kit contains useful and fun items such as coffee sachets, energy bars, eye patches as well as pain relief patches, to prepare new fathers for the arrival of their child. (Rubber duckie seems like a fav!) There’s also a pamphlet that contains useful information on the different types of parenting leave, as well as a lyrics sheet of popular nursery rhymes.”


“New fathers want to be active parents. Importantly, to also be a pillar of support to our wives during pregnancy and delivery. I certainly feel the anxiety and excitement in overwhelming and equal measures! Chatting with the new fathers told me that I was not alone and that was such a relief! They shared useful tips such as helping to monitor the room temperature coz some would feel hotter or colder than usual before and after delivery. And how paternity leave can play such an important role in their parenting roles.”

Congratulations to all new fathers, and may you all embrace the caregiving journey together with your wives. :)

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