How Singaporeans reacted to SMRT train disruption nicely…

By now, Singaporean commuters would still be feeling the angst from the widespread train disruption on the SMRT North-South and East-West MRT lines which happened on Tuesday evening.


Understandably, commuters would be irate by the disruption that took place during the evening peak hours, apparently caused by a series of power trips at various points in the system.

However, rather than blaming SMRT or the transport system, some companies and individuals went all out to ease tensions and aid commuters who were stranded by the disruption.



(McDonald’s staff serving drinks to stranded commuters. Picture Credit: @lilyjamesgrey)


(Uber disabled its surge surcharges to help commuters. Picture Credit: @Uber_Sing)


(Changi Airport gave out free water bottles to stranded commuters. Picture Credit: @TODAYonline)

According to sources, several car owners and taxi drivers have offered car pooling to commuters stuck at MRT stations as well.

Instead of blaming transport operators and the train system, how about offering help and kind gestures to help ease the situation and calm nerves when such disruption happen in future again?



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