Indonesian Makes Bomb Threat To See SIA Plane

SIA had a bomb scare on the 1st of July. With an Indonesian college kid(man) posting threats on twitter, warning of an imminent bomb on their flight SQ221 from Singapore to Sydney.

The 21 year old man did all this as a prank – Obviously.

Here’s his exchange via Twitter.

SIA1SIA2SIA3SIA4SIA5SIA6SIA7SIA8The flight was delayed for a couple of hours, as authorities made security checks to determine that the threat wasn’t real.

Ilham admitted that he intentionally tweeted the false bomb threat because he is an avid aviation fan. He wanted the SQ221, which is an Airbus A380 plane, to make an emergency landing in Jakarta just so he could see the world’s largest passenger airliner with his own eyes.

Ilham could be charged with violating anti-terrorism laws for his reckless prank.

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