Local Vegans Thinks Non-Vegans Should Die

A vegan took to youtube to explain why she took to a vegan lifestyle in support of animals rights to live.

The young youtuber has strong views on her lifestyle choice and diet, and strongly encourages others to embrace the vegan lifestyle and to stop the unnecessary slaughter of animals. She makes valid points and points out that she as an animal lover, refuses to partake in the consumption of meat because she along with her boyfriend is strongly against how farms slaughter animals.

Near the end, she loses the plot and mentions that ignorant non vegans giving excuses should just die.

Within her 17 minute video is a 3 minute video that shows how slaughter houses work, and is graphic in nature.

As labeled, the video is titled “Understanding Ethical Vegans” which are vegans that are in short pro animal life.

There’s nothing wrong with being a vegan or choosing a vegan lifestyle especially with an ethical understanding and choice such as theirs. But the duo goes on to describe a birthday party they attended where the birthday girl refused to cater to their dietary needs, because she wasn’t vegan.

It is one thing to encourage and another to enforce. In such this vegan lacks the understanding that as much as her lifestyle choices are hers to make, so are others.

What’s worrying about the duo is this:

veganA commenter left a question asking if her dog was vegan, and she responded that it was transitioning. Basic science tells us that there are Omnivores, Herbivores and Carnivores. We as humans are omnivorous and survive off a vegetarian and vegan diet. Dogs on the other hand are carnivores and require a diet of meat.

So much for being an animal lover.

Shouldn’t this in turn be considered animal cruelty, especially if the dog suffers or worst, dies due to a lack of nutrition?


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