M1 is going to let you use data overseas at no extra charge!


M1 had just announced that it would allow its mobile subscribers to use their existing mobile data bundle for data roaming overseas. This move would allow users data usage in a handful of countries: Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, United States, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka.

At the moment, M1 customers who exceed their data bundles pay excess data usage rates of S$10.70 per GB, capped at S$188.32 per month.

Singtel and StarHub currently have no such program. However, you could still use data roaming packagesat additional charges. StarHub users pay a flat fee of $10 per 100MB daily, or sign up to monthly plans that offer bundled data on top of their current local mobile plans.

With Singtel the monthly add-on value-added service option with prices ranging from S$5 to S$388 per month.


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