GE2015: Members of Parliament on the move…

The new changes to GE2015 electoral boundaries are up. The changes would mean there will be two more seats in Parliament up for running which brings the total number of MPs to 89.


Some Members of Parliament are about to be moved in the process of the changes to the electoral boundaries.

Here’s what we foresee as part of the changes in the line-up of MPs:

Heng Chee How


Whampoa SMC absorbed into 4-member Jalan Besar GRC.

Charles Chong


Joo Chiat SMC absorbed into 5-member Marine Parade GRC

Dr Lily Neo


Her ward under Tanjong Pagar has been moved to Jalan Besar GRC


3 new Single Member Constituencies

David Ong, Bukit Batok SMC

David Ong-white3

Raymond Lim, Fengshan SMC


Tin Pei Ling, MacPherson SMC



2 new Group Representation Constituencies

Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC will be formed by wards that used to make Chua Chu Kang GRC and Sembawang GRC.

Jalan Besar GRC will be formed by wards that used to make Moulmein-Kallng GRC, Tanjong Pagar GRC and Whampoa SMC.




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