People that the NSP should field

Remember Nicole Seah? The Internet was head over heels about her during the 2011 General Elections. Then the youngest candidate, she was indeed the BEST LOOKING among her counterparts.

BSNICOLE following Nicole and her NSP team around tomorrow as they give out flyers on the train. NP_28.04.2011_38097


Now that Nicole is no longer with the National Solidarity Party (NSP), the party is still on its feet for the next GE – this time with Kevryn Lim Tong Zhen: a young, sweet and small-faced newbie.



WEWWWW, she’s a model too. Smart, pretty and kind-hearted. Swee lah.

Here are five others we think the NSP should also give a shot at:


1. Kumar


Not exactly a female but… We need someone to help us relate to LGBT issues in Singapore. Plus she’ll make interesting parliamentary speeches, don’t you think? Maybe our ministers will get abs from laughing.



2. Fann Wong 



Somehow Fann and Nicole give me the same vibes… (Or is it just me?) Anyway, I think she’ll make a FANNtastic candidate. All the unkers sure vote.



3. Barbarella


She’ll blow you a kiss for your vote. As President of the “ASPERGERS”, she already commands great political clout. Plus she’s always to married to someone new each week, surely she knows people in her circles. REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR HER EVERIBARDI!!!




4. Ellen DeGeneres


… That is if Ellen settles down in Singapore. We could do with such ‘foreign talents’. What’s not to love about wittily caustic politicians?



5. Ris Low



Ris Low

She’ll show you that rallies are all about the BOOMZ; rad and loud, something that shouts ‘ME!’



What say you, NSP? :D

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