The Emperor’s New Clothes

We’ve all read or at least heard of the Emperor’s new clothes, the fable in which a vain emperor parades the streets in such a sophisticated costume that only “smart” people can see when in fact he’s stark naked and only realises when a nay-Sayer from the crowd points it out, breaking the illusion and humiliating not just the emperor but the crowd of “smart” followers.


We take Amos Yee and Roy Ngerng and we place them in the Emperor’s shoes, the outspoken pair are facing their share of legal battles right now and have garnered quite a following through social media. Their reach has crossed borders even as far as Taiwan and Hong Kong, this of course led by a charge of Singaporeans cut from the same cloth as the two.


Amos Yee and Roy Ngerng as everyone knows are vibrant in their attacks of the Incumbent party, PAP. They’re vocal about their thoughts, and use social media as a medium of choice. Doing so they’ve garnered a following of sorts, with people glorifying the duo and their rants.


Some smaller sites in particular have dubbed the duo “heroes” and “voice” of Singapore – in itself a bold statement. There’s also been an article or two begging the Singapore public to get behind these “heroes” to remove the blinders of PAP and to revel in the light of the Singaporean “voice”. It’s been written that it’s disgraceful that Singaporeans don’t stand behind these two and glorify the guts that the pair have. “Stand up for the Singaporeans that matter and make their efforts count” they say, or in other words place all your faith behind a pair of loudmouths with a lack of sincerity or rational thinking just because they’re being oppressed and we should all give them our support to fight “The Man”. Hence – The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Needless to say, Roy Ngerng and Amos Yee aren’t the voices that critical thinking Singaporeans want. Whatever our political affiliations, these two do not speak for Singaporeans. Their actions are not those of courageous people who speak up for the down trodden or fight for the rights of those that have none.


The pair have been given ample opportunity –

Amos Yee was asked not to upload anything further online during the trial but failed to do so, consistently breaking the terms of his bail even turning his back on his bailor, by crying that he had been sexually assaulted by him.


Roy Ngerng may have started out with a pro-people agenda, but seemingly lost the plot after defaming the Prime Minister and then apologising for it in search for leniency and then turning his back on the Prime Minister once again.


The actions of these two aren’t nationalistic in any sense, it seems trivial and personal. And they definitely do not speak for the Majority of Singapore.


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