GE 2015 Singapore: The boundary changes work in the opposition parties’ favour…

GE 2015 Singapore… Looks like its gonna happen anytime…

GE 2015 Singapore

yah…you probably know about it already…the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee (EBRC) has released its recommendations which have been accepted by the Government.

But guess what??? We still don’t know the date…

But one thing’s for sure….it’s coming…


(Photo credit: Channel News Asia)

But now that the committee’s recommendations are out, let’s ask a few questions…

Who actually benefits from all these supposed “gerrymandering” that people talk about?

One stark difference about the new changes to the boundaries, is that the wards and boundaries under the opposition still remain as it is, while the wards under the People’s Action Party have been changed.

How would this affect the parties?


For one, the PAP will have to work harder to walk the ground and win people’s votes and manage the changes.

The work that had been done prior to the changes possibly have to be re-done.


Two, the Workers’ Party has it easier since the opposition-controlled wards (Aljunied GRC, Hougang and Punggol East SMCs) remain as it is. Not much work needs to be done, really.

So who says changes to the electoral boundaries will always be in the favour of the ruling party?


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