What you need to know about Davinder Singh

It’s Day 3 of the exciting three-day Supreme Court hearing to assess the damages Roy Ngerng has to pay PM Lee for defamation… and Roy had just broken down in tears.

Ngerng is unrepresented after discharging his lawyer, M Ravi (This is after all the fiasco between the duo *cues Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood*). Despite his several posts on the Prime Minister, it was his first time meeting the man in person on Wednesday.


PM Lee is represented by the Chief Executive Officer of Drew & Napier, Davinder Singh.


I had meant to put a picture of Davinder Singh, but my attention quickly shifted to the lady behind. It seems Han Hui Hui is back from her Hong Kong protest to give support to her brother-in-arms.



I’m not sure if Roy really has ‘no intent’ to defame PM Lee because much has shown otherwise?

Mr Singh is no small fry. He had won court victories on Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s behalf against opponents like opposition politicians Tang Liang Hong, Chee Soon Juan and foreign media outlets like The Economist, Bloomberg and the New York Times.

The famed lawyer also handled the NKF corruption case.


So Roy… Brace yourself.


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