5Cs of East Coast GRC according to Lim Swee Say


At the unveiling of the People’s Action Party’s slate of candidates for East Coast GRC for the upcoming General Elections, Minister for Manpower Lim Swee Say in his own unique way shared the work that the incumbent Members of Parliament have done and the plans it has for its residents.


Of course, the man known for his quirky phrases and nuggets of wisdom had many things to say. We take the liberty to capture 5 Cs which he shared during the press conference. (No, he wasn’t referring to the old 5Cs that we Singaporeans are familiar with.)


1.) Care

The team’s slogan this time round is We Care @ East Coast Together. During the conference, Minister Lim shared a phrase “People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

He said this to underscore the importance of caring for residents in the constituency. Minister Lim revealed that since the last General Elections in 2011, his team has walked the ground harder to get to know residents and to hear their concerns.


(Photo credit: Lim Swee Say, FB)

2.) Change

A new phrase coined by Minister Lim was “No Change, but Big Change”. This was to highlight the slate of candidates for East Coast GRC which stays the same. However, the way the PAP team has engaged the residents has undergone a big change. The big change meant that MPs had to deepen and widen their engagement with residents.

This was due to the result of the last GE where the team in East Coast GRC experienced a 9% drop in votes.


(Photo credit: Lim Swee Say, FB)

3.) Chit-Chat

After the last GE, Mr Lim realised the best way to reach out to residents was to have 1. Deep Engagement, 2. Mass Personalisation.

To do this, Mr Lim organized Chit-chat sessions which he termed, Chit-Chat @ Bedok where he personally engages a group of between 20-30 residents from different residential blocks each time to gather feedback and explain government policies. He said that he personally has organized 120 of such sessions.

His other team members have similar sessions for the wards which they take charge of. Ms Jessica Tan who looks after Changi-Simei, Dr Mohd Maliki who oversees Siglap and Mr Lee Yi Shyan who is in charge of Kampong Chai Chee. While each MP oversees the running of the ward independently, the team leverages on each other’s capability to help explain policies to residents in their own mother tongue.


(Photo Credit: Maliki Osman, FB)

4.) Community

Another acronym which Mr Lim introduced at the conference yesterday was CFAA (Community For All Ages). The population in East Coast GRC is diverse, ranging from the young to the elderly. This meant that the team had to build a community that includes residents of all ages.


5.) Cheryl Chan

The new candidate was introduced as the candidate to contest in Fengshan SMC which was originally part of East Coast GRC.

Ms Chan may be a new face in the elections, but she is no stranger to the constituency. The head of secondary industries of a chemicals firm has been a grassroots volunteer since 2005. During her time volunteering at the Grassroots’ level, she had worked closely with Mr Raymond Lim and the Pap team to address concerns of the residents.

Mr Raymond Lim gave the assurance that if elected, Ms Chan would be a good MP with her kind and caring heart.






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