All about PAP Manifesto in 8 points…

The People’s Action Party (PAP) has introduced its Manifesto for the coming General Elections.

The 88-page document was presented in the four official languages – English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. In it, the achievements of the past 50 years and the vision ahead for Singapore were spelt out.

And the party’s promise to the electorate – “We will work With You, For You, For Singapore.”

The manifesto called on Singaporeans to be the new pioneers. “What the pioneers did for us, we must do for future Singaporeans.

Here’s what the manifesto has spelt out for the vision of Singapore:

1.) Education


The manifesto promises to take the education system, which it says is already on the world map, to a new level, “where education transcends grades, where values and character are central, where knowledge, skills and experience count and where everyone’s potential is developed to the fullest at every stage of life.”

What it means

This should be good news for the students of today and tomorrow, with a greater emphasis on knowledge, skills and experience. Parents will now have lesser worry that their child cannot match up to classmates who fare better in school.

More university places will be created with new applied degree pathways, which mean that prospective students can have a variety of courses to choose from and do better in life.

Of course, those who wish to return to the textbooks can do so with lifelong learning being strengthened.


2.) Jobs and Economy


Every Singaporean, regardless of their starting point, will have a bright future, where there will be an abundance of opportunities and where there is pride and recognition in every job.

This will be done through SkillsFuture to help them acquire skills and progress in their careers.

What it means

Regardless of their starting point in life, every Singaporean, will receive help to get good jobs, upgrade and make the best in life.

PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians) can cheer to more support and job assistance.

Businesses won’t be left behind either, the PAP will help with manpower resourcing, talent retention and development to keep Singapore the best place in the region to do business.


3.) Families


To build strong families as anchors, sources of love and strength, there will be efforts to increase the birth rate and to expand childcare and pre-school support.

What it means

Families can now work with peace of mind that their young child is being taken care of.

Support will be given for families who spend time with each other, nurture their children and care for elderly parents.


4.) Healthcare


The healthcare model will be made more affordable and improved to give Singaporeans peace of mind if they or their loved ones fall ill.

What it means

Singaporeans won’t have to fork out so much should they or their loved ones become ill because Healthcare will be made more affordable. With Medishield Life coming into effect in November 2015, Singaporeans can receive better protection and higher payouts.

Hospital beds will be increased, together with intermediate and long term care facilities.

The elderly will also be taken care of, when geriatric care will be transformed and improved. Caregivers will also be provided with more support.


5.) Care


In its manifesto also, the PAP will help to support the less fortunate, disadvantaged and vulnerable to build an inclusive and compassionate society.

What it means

It will provide social safety nets to help those who fall in between the cracks, those without means or support to improve their lives and those with temporary problems get back on up on their feet.


6.) Transport

MRT Train

Current transport issues are being solved and Singapore’s land transport system will be made to become one of the most modern, efficient and green systems in the world.

What it means

Commuters will find it easier to get home from home or work and around Singapore. MRT users will see more MRT lines and the rail network doubled.

To make Singapore the connecting point for international travel, Changi Airport will be expanded. The PSA port will also be expanded.


7.) Security


The SAF and the Home team will continue to keep Singapore safe and secure for Singaporeans and their families safe.

What it means

Singaporeans can continue to sleep with peace of mind at night, and enjoy a safe Singapore. Singapore’s interest and our way of life will be protected with a strong SAF.


8.) Living


Singapore will be made into a City of Hope, Heart and Home. The city will be transformed, to stand out as a jewel among global cities and yet, have a heart and pulse purely our own.

What it means

Singaporeans can enjoy excellent physical environment, infrastructure and connectivity.

The city will be an endearing home for all Singaporeans with more housing choices, pedestrian and cyclist-friendly precints and abundant greenery and common spaces.

More dramatic new developments await Singaporeans, such as the greater Southern Waterfront, 2nd CBD in the Jurong Lake District.

Singaporeans can look forward to enjoy nature, leisure, lifestyle, arts and heritage.

With the advancement of technology, Singapore will also be transformed into a Smart Nation where daily life is enhanced and made seamless by technology.


In order to summarise the Manifesto, the PAP also launched a short video which was voiced-over by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong himself.





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