GE Daily Roundup: Wednesday 19 August

NSP Sec-Gen Hazel Poa Resigns Over Possible 3-Corner Fight in MacPherson SMC

Just when you thought the horse-trading hijinks were over, the National Solidarity Party’s CEC has changed their mind about leaving MacPherson SMC to the Worker’s Party. Apparently, the WP has Steve Chia to thank for this possible 3-corner fight. Seriously, this GE is shaping up to be a weird combination of Games of Thrones and a circus.


Speaking of break-ups. Secretary-General Hazel Poa has resigned from the party precisely because of this damn bobo move by the NSP the CEC’s fascinating U-turn, saying it was something she “strongly disagreed with.”

According to Hazel Poa’s press statement, Steve Chia is being assigned to run in MacPherson SMC. Dun! Dun! DUN!


NUSS GE 2015 Dialogue: Who Said What

Last night’s GE 2015 Political Dialogue organized by NUSS,  featuring all ten parties contesting this GE, was intriguing … and at times, entertaining. Here are some highlights from the Twitter feed of Inconvenient Questions.


Screenshot 2015-08-19 22.47.46

Yes, I think we have now firmly established that time travel to the past will not be a part of GE2015.


Screenshot 2015-08-19 22.50.04

Thanks to Goh Meng Seng’s astute observation, the nation now knows something they already knew. Knowledge-ception!


Screenshot 2015-08-19 22.53.42

Somewhere in a kopitiam, the SMRT Feedback Ltd troll/s are giggling into their teh tarik and yelling: “Jeyababy, we missed you!”


Screenshot 2015-08-19 23.02.05

Translation: Tell you first hor, we never anyhowly one.


Screenshot 2015-08-19 22.56.22

Coming from the guy who is creating a possible 3-corner fight.


Screenshot 2015-08-19 22.57.19

First blood of the evening, it seems.


Screenshot 2015-08-19 22.58.56

Translation: We never anyhowly hor, y’all more anyhowly than us.


Screenshot 2015-08-19 22.59.50

Translation: You don’t say we anyhowly ah, we say already we never do anyhowly one.


Screenshot 2015-08-19 23.07.02

I am skeptical about the logic behind this argument.


Screenshot 2015-08-19 23.08.55

Such as how the xenophobes got selective amnesia about how their ancestors ended up in Singapore? I feel that’s a good place to start.


Screenshot 2015-08-19 23.10.17

I think blaming the PAP for having to travel all the way to the West for the NUSS dialogue is a bit harsh.


Screenshot 2015-08-19 23.11.45

Translation: Please ah, we asked you to meet at Somerset okay?


Screenshot 2015-08-19 23.14.40

Can we have a balance of both? I’m not being facetious; I’m really wondering if it’s possible to find a good balance.


Screenshot 2015-08-19 23.18.21

Fair point and an increasingly relevant one with each GE, as the needs of the voters are moving beyond tangibles to intangibles. (No word on tangerines, though.)


Screenshot 2015-08-19 23.30.18

Well, that wasn’t awkward at all.


Screenshot 2015-08-19 23.22.21

You mean the construction workers who are living charmed lives and seducing married people instead of being given rotting food to eat? Yes, I’m sure they’re very busy destroying the fabric of society when they’re not otherwise occupied with food poisoning and collapsing from hunger.


That’s all for now, folks! More on this GE 2015 dialogue very soon, and the latest from Mordor GE2015 as it unfolds!

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