#GE2015 KPOP playlist

As we get into election fever, here’s something to lighten the mood.

We ploughed through our Korean albums to bring you some songs to represent a few of the current Members of Parliament and new candidates.

Steve Chia (National Solidarity Party)

– BigBang’s “Loser”


Pritam Singh (Workers’ Party)

– Hong Dae Kwang’s “No Answer”


Chan Chun Sing (People’s Action Party)

– 2PM’s “Hands Up”


Desmond Choo (People’s Action Party)

– Apink’s “Mr Chu”


PAP’s all male Sembawang GRC team

– SNSD’s “The Boys”


Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerng

– 2AM’s “Confession of a Friend”



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