Mistakes made…but so what?

Mr Lim Swee Say set quite a few tongues wagging yesterday, after he detailed the steps the People’s Association took in response to the lapses flagged by the Auditor-General on Jul 15.


The Deputy Chairman of the People’s Association (PA) stated that the PA broke financial regulations out of “good intentions” and “for the benefit of residents”.

He cited a few contracts amounting to $3.67 million which were awarded without a tender.

Some netizens cried foul with these new revelations. In all honesty, I would to. I mean, in an equal and fair playground, shouldn’t there be a fair and just way to award contracts based on a tender system?

But seriously, is such a mistake really so bad, that people should be so unhappy?

In my opinion, a mistake is a mistake, but what is important is what mitigating steps are taken to rectify the problem.


According to Minister Lim, the PA took immediate action to address the issues.

Some of the actions included the strengthening of supervision of grassroots organisations on the compliance with financial rules, establishing a Grassroots Finance Review Committee and the voluntary resignation of a grassroots leader.

So is this mistake really that bad?

At least the PA took measures to correct the problem and publicly acknowledged its shortcomings, unlike some other organisation which has time and again chosen to shy away from the mistakes it committed and feign ignorance.



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