The Fall and Rise of Tin Pei Ling


I’ll be honest, back in 2011 I was one of those who was a little more than “curious” why the PAP would field Tin Pei Ling. It was hard not to be influenced by the material that was seen all over the internet. Come to think of it, we seem to think that she was such a bimbo, but it was all boiled down to this three:

a.) Kate Spade bag
b.) Foot stomping and the famous “I don’t know what to say” line
c.) Making a mistake-post during cooling off day at GE2011

As a person of marketing, I was appalled that she allowed this material to be clipped off her own Facebook pages and floated on to the internet.


The rhetoric against her came fast and furious. She was ridiculed on the newspapers, she was made fun off on the internet. She was boo-ed at when she made speeches at GE2011. People accused her of riding into Parliament on account of her husband’s personality and jeered at her for “riding on the coat tails of Goh Chok Tong”.

I thought to myself, “What in the world is the PAP trying hard to do?! Lose votes?!”

Let’s look at it objectively today.

The PAP is not stupid to field someone that would lose them votes, especially not in a political landscape as hostile as this. The *ahem* probable vote-losers are out of the game: Mah Bow Tan, Wong Kan Seng, Raymond Lim. Even Lui Tuck Yew isn’t going to be there.

If Tin Pei Ling was going to lose votes, they’re not going to risk her…especially not in a Single Member Constituency.

In GE2011, the lowest scores did not go to her. As a matter of fact, her votes were amongst some of the highest in Marine Parade GRC – surprise, surprise.

She has endured 4 years of shaming, accusing. She was cursed, spat on, her personal life ripped apart on the internet. But look at her today.

Since 2011, she has resigned from her post of Senior Associate at Ernst and Young and worked full time on the grounds at Macpherson.


In the last four years, she introduced programs such as the “MacPherson Care Fund” (a scheme to help elderly residents cope with medical bills) and a milk powder scheme for low-income families with young children.

Today she goes further, advocating for equal paid maternity leave for single mothers.



“Single mums should be given maternity leave so that their kid, like any other Singaporean child, will have the best chance in life”, said Tin.

Despite the ad hominum attacks, the accusations, the rumors and the teasing, she’s worked hard to turn the tides around, girded up her loins and returned for another fight.

In 2011, her critics lambasted her with harsh words. “Field her in an SMC and test her true mettle” they said, believing that she wouldn’t win.

This is exactly what she has done.

I wonder what the critics will say this time?







  1. I have no doubt that she is a capable MP who has managed to turn the hearts and minds of the people. Thing is, yes she may well advocate for social progress, more help for the needy etc, fact still remains that she is under the discipline of the party whip. No matter how hard she tries, fights, argues, as long as the party whip is in place, what can she do to help? And that’s the reality we have to deal with. Vote your pap MPs out not because they are the scum of the earth, but because they won’t be able to help you much as they would like to.

    1. Voting in an opposition party who is incapable, unsincere and has hidden agenda, will be worst. Simply look at people like Roy ngerng who has taken hundreds of thousand donated money but unaccounted for, look at Han hui hui who heckled the needy kids yet keep asking for donation, GMS that jump from one party to another and go overseas to smear Singapore reputation, etc. We Singaporean knows who is a better choice for us.

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