The Great Singapore Elections Sale D-16 Days


26th August

Leading up to the General Elections, fivestarsandamoon will bring you a DAILY round-up that will give you everything you need, to place your vote. We scan the www for you for big fat general election deals, and break it down into mini offers for you.

Heat is on – Potential candidates head down to Elections Department to collect their nomination forms. There are three independent nominees belonging to no party.


Cartoon – Leading on, these three candidates will be able to choose from these carefully selected logos to represent their candidacy, good thing there’s a ceiling fan to blow all the hot air away.


Ch-ch-changes – The mood has changed in Aljunied says Lim Boon Heng from the PAP, despite it still being a stronghold for WP. He also says he will be providing feedback to the Prime Minister as to where the best tasting Orh Luak can be found.


Lai liao – “Nomads” – Emeritus Senior Minister has likened the opposition party to nomads that’ll come and go, cited WP’s strengths as well as their arrogance and told people why he hasn’t retired.


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