The Great Singapore General Elections Sale :Part II


11th August

Leading up to the General Elections, fivestarsandamoon will bring you a DAILY round-up that will give you everything you need, to place your vote. We scan the www for you for big fat general election deals, and break it down into mini offers for you.

Whoa – He’s received lots of flame in 2014 and 2015 for MRT breakdowns. And today transport minister Lui Tuck Yew announced that he will be stepping down and not contesting in this years General Election.


Finally – PAP has decided to not withhold the list of candidates contesting in the upcoming General Election as compared to previous campaigns where residents weren’t all too happy with last minute new faces.


Unite! – Opposition parties have taken the heat to the ruling party after having agreed that they’ll not contest in wards that already have an opposition presence.


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