The Great Singapore General Elections Sale :Part IV


13th August

Leading up to the General Elections, fivestarsandamoon will bring you a DAILY round-up that will give you everything you need, to place your vote. We scan the www for you for big fat general election deals, and break it down into mini offers for you.

1. Shhhh – Rumour has it that Workers Party head Low Thia Khiang is pushing Sylvia Lim towards Fengshan so he can step in and clear the “mess” she maid in Aljunied. We wouldn’t put stock into hearsay but we give you news on the ground.


2. Bagus – M. Ravi will not be joining his “friend” Roy Ngerng at Reform Party and will instead be giving full attention to his practice.


3. Serious not? – SDA has big plans for Pasir Ris – Punggol, and if you’re a resident in that ward and would really love to have a floating seafood restaurant then this is the party you want. So many “choigers”.


4. Hush hush – WP Chief, Low Thia Khiang has told the media that their candidates are already on the ground but until nomination day, nobody will know where each candidate will be fielded. Also, they want to add some youth to their body of blue.


*Got General Election news, stories, and offers to submit? Email or #theGEsale


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