What do you want out of the rally? (National Day Rally 2015)


(Photo credit: REACH)

The annual National Day Rally is just a few days away. Every year, some of us either miss the rally for other things, while some of us watch it to see what the Government is planning to have in store for Singaporeans. Since its SG50, (and the widely talked about elections is looming round the corner), there is surely something to look forward to right?

So here’s a list of topics most Singaporeans would like to hear Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong talk about.


1.) Lower COEs

Why not? Since its SG50, why not give us a chance to achieve our dream of owning our own cars affordably? Afterall, its not a total removal of COE (although it would be awesome if there’s no COE at all…).


2.) More help for Housing

Schemes and programmes to help the middle-income afford HDB flats. More support for young couples to get a flat of their choice.

ktite31/ ST_30.10.2012_1230449580 Kua Chee Siong/ ITE completes its final regional campus at with ITE college central at Ang Mo Kio with a parade from Bishan to Ang Mo Kio, flagged off by ITE director and CEO Bruce Poh.

3.) More places in post-secondary education institutions

To allow more of the younger generation to benefit from lifelong learning, an increased number of places in post-secondary institutes (Institute of Technical Education, Polytechnics) will give them a good headstart in thinking about their careers.


4.) More places and varied courses in University

An increase in the variety of courses will ensure more choices for our younger generation to have more choices in the type of skills and careers they want to develop.


5.) More support to start a family

Why not have more subsidies and incentives to get married and start a family? More parental leave and subsidies to cope with the rising costs of bringing up young children. Young couples prioritise their careers before starting a family. With better incentives to start a family at a younger age, perhaps more will start to think about having children.


The rally will start at 6.45pm on Sunday, 23 August 2015. Since its the Jubilee year, it might be a good idea to tune in and watch out for the goodies that might come our way!






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