WP introduces its first slate of candidates (Workers Party Singapore)

Workers Party Singapore

Workers Party Singapore

The Workers’ Party introduced its first slate of candidates for the coming General Elections today at its headquarters at Syed Alwi Road.


Here are the first four who were revealed today:

1.) Daniel Goh, 42, NUS Associate Professor of Sociology


2.) Redzwan Hafidz Abdul Razak, 30, Engineer

Workers Party Singapore

3.) Koh Choong Yong, 42, Software Engineer


4.) Dylan Ng Foo Eng, 40, Banker


The four new candidates were revealed by WP secretary general Low Thia Khiang and Chairman Sylvia Lim.

As at the time of this article’s release, efforts to reach candidate Daniel Goh went unanswered.

We’re not too sure what they’re up to anyway.

Are they avoiding questions relating to their AHPETC issues?

Apparently, Ms Sylvia Lim had said to reporters that it was “not appropriate” to ask new candidates town council questions, which makes us wonder why. Wouldn’t the new candidates have something to say in defence?

Will the Workers’ Party address these issues during their coming rallies? What do you think?








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